Options for hosting a seminar (minimum 5 people):

     ·     1 day seminar, 10:00 - 16:00

     ·     3 evenings, 19:30-21:30

NT take aways:

     ·     See the structure the Holy Spirit gives each book in a memorable fashion

     ·     Trace key themes and purposes God knits into each book

     ·     Chronicle the books of Luke-Acts, written by Luke and discover how Paul's epistles emerged

     ·     Discover unforgettable relationships between the gospels and epistles

     ·     Learn how disciples make disciples for Jesus Christ

Cost of admission:

     25€ per person & includes a copy of The Parchment Project (TPP)


     Fred Young

     +32 496 08 04 04


A panoramic view

helps navigate

a journey:

its ups,

its downs,

its twists & turns


New Testament Survey Seminars

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